Western Red Cedar

Natural Colour                                                                                               

Western Red Cedar

  • Light Red to Reddish Brown

Common Uses

Alternatives (similar colour)

  • Spotted Gum, Vic Ash stained

Features & Benefits

  • Light weight yet naturally durable timber

  • Dimensionally very stable timber

  • Internal or external use

  • Veneers readily available

  • Takes stains and finishes well

  • Generally straight grained in appearance

  • Galvanised or stainless fixings required


timber specifications


Botanical & Other Names

  • Thuja plicata


  • Canada


  • PEFC or FSC certification is available


  • It has a fine texture and straight grain with growth rings often visible.


  • A durable yet soft timber, Western Red Cedar has a good workability. It cuts, machines and glues well and can also be painted, stained and polished. It also nails and screws well, however if timber is damp it is corrosive to iron, so hot-dipped galvanized nails/screws should be used where required.

  • Western Red Cedar can be brittle along the end grain and sharp cutters are recommended due to its soft nature. Precautions should be taken when sanding Western Red Cedar as the sawdust can cause irritation for some people. It is not suitable for steam bending.



  • Termite Resistance Resistant

  • Lyctid Susceptibility Sapwood not susceptible

  • Marine Borer Resistance N/A

  • Bushfire Not Rated unless treated with suitable fire retardant system

  • Fire properties Group 3 – Slightly combustible


Stock Sizing

  • Sawn thickness 22, 50, 100, 200mm

  • Set width typically 100, 150, 200, 250, 300mm

  • Generally seasoned (kiln dried), also available unseasoned

  • For finished dressed and profiled products contact us.