Victorian Ash

Natural Colour                                                                                               

Vic Ash

  • Pale Pink to  Brown Straw 

Attainable Colours by Staining

  • Unlimited

Common Uses

  • Furniture, Joinery, Linings, Flooring, Staircases

Alternatives (similar natural colour)

  • Eastern States Blackbutt, American White Oak

Features & Benefits

  • Dimensionally stable timber as is cut quartersawn
  • Internal use
  • Veneers readily available
  • Machines well
  • Readily accepts stains and paints
  • Can suffer from surface checking



Botanical & Other Names

  • Eucalyptus delegatensis & Eucalyptus regnans, also known as Alpine or Mountain Ash or Goodwood



  • Victoria



  • AFS/PEFC certification






  • Victorian Ash features a moderately course texture and has a predominately straight grain, although it may be wavy in parts resulting in a fiddleback appearance. Gum veins are also a common appearance feature.


  • A strong and stable timber, Victorian Ash offers good all round workability. It planes, sands, finishes and glues well, and will readily steam and bend. This makes Victorian Ash a perfect timber for internal applications and furniture.



  • Termite Resistance                         Not Resistant
  • Lyctid Susceptibility                        Sapwood not susceptible
  • Marine Borer Resistance                <5 years
  • Bushfire                                            Bal 12.5 & 19. All AS3959 required applications
  • Fire Properties Group                     3 – Slightly combustible


Stock Sizing

  • Sawn thickness 25, 38 & 50mm
  • Set widths 50-300mm in 25mm increments
  • Straight line gauged
  • Available laminated and or finger jointed
  • For finished dressed and profiled products contact us.