Fiji Mahogany

Natural Colour                                                                                               

Fiji Mahogany

  • Orange brown to red brown


Common Uses

  • Decking, Joinery, Marine
  • External Structures, General Construction

Alternatives (by colour)

  • Jarrah

Features & Benefits

  • Plantation grown
  • Suitable in exposed situations when properly maintained
  • Moderately durable, sapwood is H3 MicroPro treated
  • Moderately light hardwood



Botanical & Other Names

  • Swietenia macrophylla



  • Fiji



  • Not formally certified but is plantation grown timber.



  • The wood grain is variable can be interlocked or wavy. Texture moderately fine.



  • Nails and glues well, easy to work with sharp tools



  • Termite Resistance                         Resistant
  • Lyctid Susceptibility                        Resistant due to H3 Treatment
  • Bushfire                                            Not Rated unless treated with suitable fire retardant system
  • Fire Properties Group                     3 – Slightly combustible


Stock Sizing

  • Sawn thickness 25, 38, 50, 75 & 100mm
  • Sawn width from 50mm to 300mm (25mm increments)
  • For finished dressed and profiled products refer to Austim sizing chart or contact us.
  • Length range 0.9m to 5.7m