Natural Colour                                                                                               

Blackbutt (Eastern States)

  • Pale Brown to Golden Yellow

Common Uses

Alternatives (similar colour)

  • Victorian Ash, Spotted Gum

Features & Benefits

  • Hard, heavy and naturally durable timber

  • Internal or external use

  • Veneers readily available

  • Machines well

timber specifications


Botanical & Other Names

  • Eucalyptus pilularis



  • East Coast of Australia



  • AFS certification available in some instances



  • Blackbutt has an even texture. The grain can be interlocked but it is generally straight, making it appealing for interior use applications such as flooring and joinery. Gum veins and surface checking is to be expected.



  • Care needs to be taken when drying as Blackbutt is prone to surface checking on the tangential surface. Blackbutt can be stained, painted or polished but there can be issues with painting because of its tendency to surface check. The high extractives of mature wood can cause problems with some adhesives, but this is much less of an issue with young re-growth wood. These extractives can also cause staining on painted surfaces after exposure to the weather. Blackbutt machines well but is only fair for steam bending.




  • Termite Resistance Resistant

  • Lyctid Susceptibility Sapwood not susceptible

  • Marine Borer Resistance 21-40 years

  • Bushfire Bal 12.5, 19 & 29 . All AS3959 required applications

  • Fire Properties Group 3 – Slightly combustible


Stock Sizing

  • Sawn thickness 25, 38 & 50mm

  • Generally available in width 75mm to 300mm

  • Length range 0.9m to 5.7m

  • Laminated and finger jointed available

  • For finished dressed and profiled products contact us