Treat yourself to longer lasting timber

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Pine plantation timber is a wood species with a low level of natural durability. To improve its service life and the applications it can be used for, it needs to be ‘treated’.

The right treated pine for your project

There are a number of different treatment processes and treatment levels containing fungicide and insecticide. Austim carries a large range of H3 treated pine suitable for outside above ground use, as well as some H4 treated pine suitable for outside in-ground applications. These products are suitable for most general internal and external construction applications, such as:

  • building pergolas

  • building timber decking sub frames

  • home improvement projects

  • gates and fences

austim storage racks

Note: Plantation pine is fast growing, meaning its timber has a greater tendency to ‘move’ with changes in environmental conditions like temperature and humidity. You should be aware that it’s not unusual for individual pieces to endure twist and bow effects. Consider this if you are thinking of using pine for your next deck project.

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Ban on CCA (Copper Chrome Arsenate) treated timber 

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Perth buyers can relax—it’s still OK to use CCA treated timber in a variety of traditional applications. That means you don’t have to remove existing structures made from CCA treated timber. 

Perth does have some restrictions

Under an agreement with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicine Authority (APVMA), the timber industry has imposed voluntary restrictions on the sale of timber treated with CCA for certain uses:

  • Children's play equipment

  • External seating

  • Garden furniture

  • Picnic tables

  • Domestic timber decking boards

  • Handrails.

In addition, CCA treated products must be individually and legibly marked with the words ‘Treated with copper chrome arsenate’ to first point of use. 


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