Recycled Timber Posts & Beams

environmentally friendly

Austim proudly distributes "Kennedy's Recycled Timber". Big section posts and beams are typically produced from class 1 durable timber species like Ironbark and Spotted Gum. These are re-machined from old power poles and the like, so every piece has its own special history. Old bolt and nail holes will be evident and can be resin filled if preferred, also to be expected will be some splits and checks (will not affect the structural integrity of the posts or beams).

Large solid sections are possible such as 190x190, 240x240 and larger, long lengths 7m+ also possible.

Posts are available in a range of finishes to suit all design applications, see our recycled page for details.

Lead times apply due to the specialist nature of these products so plan ahead if considering this option for your project.

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