Timber Hardware

Due to high customer demand, we now stock a basic range of timber-related hardware items, rounding off our extensive product offering. So when you’ve got a timber project to be done, Austim is your one-stop shop.

Buying timber? Don’t forget to ask Austim for:


  • Kwikset concrete 20kg

  • General-purpose concrete 30kg.


  • Timber decking stirrup to suit 90x45mm bearer

  • Half stirrups to suit up to 100mm timber posts

  • Full stirrups to suit 90mm and 120mm timber posts

  • Pin stirrups

  • Blade stirrups.

Grips, hangers, straps and brackets

  • Triple grips

  • Joist hangers 90x35mm, 90x45mm, 120x35mm, 120x45mm

  • Joist strap

  • Galv clouts 30mmx2.8mm

  • Rafter straps 375mm, 600mm

  • Fascia support brackets 650mm.


  • Cup head bolt, nuts & washers 10x75mm up to 10x140mm

  • Galv nylon frame anchors 10x80mm, 10x100mm, 10x140mm.


  • Deck screws Pinecoat 9gx53mm

  • Deck screw stainless 9gx53mm

  • Deck screw stainless 10gx50mm

  • Deck screw stainless 10gx65mm

  • Bugle batten screw class 4 galv 14gx75, 100mm.


  • Pre-drilling and countersinking tool.

Adhesives & sealants

  • Fuller Toolbox.

Austim has all the timber supplies Perth needs—including hardware! So whether you’re building timber decking, timber cladding or timber beams, we have all the answers—Just ask Austim!