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Jarrah - a brief history

Jarrah is a quality wood species that can last years. It has been used as a durable, attractive decking and flooring option around the world for decades. The humble Jarrah boasts beautiful colour variations and high resistance to termites. Originating from the southwest of Australia, Jarrah became an Aussie favourite in the 1980’s making an appearance in a range of products, and being used for marinas, businesses and homes.


Because of its timeless beauty and long-lasting durability, Jarrah can be recycled and re-milled.

why choose austim jarrah?

Jarrah timber from Austim is WA grown and locally sourced from a family owned and operated business in Busselton, Western Australia. With the right design and planning, a Jarrah deck from Austim is a perfect addition to any backyard. This traditional WA hardwood will last year after year with proper care and maintenance.

 If you are thinking about installing timber decking for your home, Austim can provide you with the right information you need to make the final decision.  The location of your property or your overall budget for the project can help determine which decking materials are best for you. If jarrah isn’t the right fit for your project, Austim can direct you to alternative species like a blackbutt, spotted gum or even composites which may better suit your specifications. Austim are Perth’s top wood suppliers – we’re committed to putting your needs first.

Jarrah product qualities

  • Jarrah is a local hardwood timber which only grows in the south west of Western Australia

  • Valued for its attractive yet durable qualities

  • Jarrah decking is dark red through to light red pinkish tones

  • Available in two widths 85x20mm and 130x20mm

  • Austim Jarrah decking is a standard & better grade

  • Thicker sizes and/or select grade available to order, please enquire.

  • Random lengths 0.9m to 4.2m (if set length is required we suggest geographe jarrah)

  • Termite resistant

  • Natural durability class 2 above ground applications

  • 840kg/m3

  • Choose the Right Decking Timber

Jarrah maintenance

Maintaining a jarrah deck can dictate the longevity of your Jarrah installation. However, Jarrah is relatively longer lasting compared to other timber species.

The main reason for maintenance is to remove dirt and build up, but jarrah timber requires oiling to retain the deep red colour. Unprotected jarrah will naturally weather and turn a pebbly grey colour.

To clean your Jarrah deck use products containing oxalic acid or products as recommended by Austim’s deck experts to clean and rinse the deck.

 This may seem like a lot of work for a deck, but most jarrah deck owners will tell you that it’s well worth the effort.

Download our guide: Choose the Right Decking Timber


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