Sikkens Timber Coating

Sikkens is manufactured by AzkoNobel—an international producer of paint products.Sikkens was developed in response to demand for a transparent, quality coating system to protect wood products while still allowing their natural beauty to be seen. The result is a coating that meets the challenging needs of joinery manufacturers, architects, builders, tradespeople and consumers.
The Sikkens range at Austim

Cetol HLSe

  • An oiled based, penetrating, low build wood stain

  • Can be used as a base coat for other Sikkens products or on its own as a three coat system

  • Available in nine colours

  • Suitable for a wide range of applications, view HLSe data sheet.

Cetol Deck

  • An oil based, highly water repellent, high build coating

  • Suitable for decks and screens, view Cetol Deck data sheet

  • Available in one colour (other colours can be achieved via the HLSe base coat)

  • Applied as a two coat system over an HLSe base coat.

Cetol Deck Plus

  • Same features as Cetol Deck, with the addition of a slip resistant additive.

Cetol Filter 7 Plus

  • An oil based, medium build, satin finish top coat, view Filter 7 data sheet

  • Suitable for external cladding, joinery and pergolas

  • Available in eight colours

  • Apply as a two coat system over an HLSe base coat.


  • Waterbased exterior finish, view BLX-PRO data sheet

  • Suitable for decks, windows, doors, fences, cladding

  • Available in five colurs

  • Apply by brush as a three coat system

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