Intergrain Timber Coating

Intergrain products have been designed to protect the natural beauty of timber. They are recognised as Australia's high performance, environmentally responsible timber finishes.
Water based timber finishes have a very low solvent level. Therefore using water based timber finishes is a far more environmentally responsible option than using a solvent-based equivalent. So, combined with being healthier to use, Intergrain water based timber finishes are much gentler on the environment.
With world-class research and development resources, along with access to the latest technological developments from around the globe, Intergrain is continually innovating coatings that redefine performance expectations. All products are tested on timber species used in Australia at three registered testing sites across the country, so you can be confident that Intergrain products will perform at the highest standard.
Intergrain products are supported by a full backup service of technical assistance and advice provided by trained timber finish consultants

The Intergrain range at Austim


UltraDeck is a technologically advanced, water based, penetrating oil that significantly outlasts conventional oils in resistance to UV, water, and abrasion.

UltraDeck gives timber a natural finish that repels dirt and dust settle to keep it looking clean. With mould and fungus resistant properties UltraDeck enhances the characteristics of the timber grain and weathers naturally, without risk of cracking, blistering and peeling.

UltraDeck has extremely low odour, easy water wash up and is fast drying, allowing two coats to be applied in one day.

It is available in a lightly tinted natural colour or a range of tinted colours to highlight the character of your timber.

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Nature’s Timber Oil

Made from 95% naturally derived ingredients from sustainable sources, Nature’s Timber Oil penetrates deeply to give a natural, protecting finish to exterior timber.

The tung oil and pure wood turpentine in Nature’s Timber Oil provide natural resistance to the destructive effects of UV, water and mould, providing protection against peeling, cracking or flaking.

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An exceptionally durable water-based stain that transforms the colour of exterior timber without the need for a top coat.

Available in popular timber tones, NaturalStain is perfect for achieving architectural effects with colour, for transforming treated pine, or for renewing weathered, grey timber.

Use NaturalStain on all exterior timber including timber decking, timber furniture, fences, doors and timber cladding. For a slip resistant finish add Intergrain UltraGrip slip resistance additive into each coat of NaturalStain.

NaturalStain can also be used on interior surfaces. Interior floors will require a topcoat of UltraFloor, whilst interior trim should be coated with UltraClear.

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