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Timber Cladding & Lining

If you’re wanting to bring style and external protection to your building or outdoor space, you can’t go past timber cladding.

The architectural construction in Australia has embraced the timber cladding and we are seeing more commercial and residential properties tastefully embellished with wood boards.

Timber cladding involves using specially profiled boards to keep out the weather with edge-profiled overlaps.

For outdoor timber cladding, horizontal, vertical or angled profiling are all possible.

The use of timber cladding has become an increasingly popular choice due to its array of benefits:

  • Hardwood timber cladding is made from natural Australian timber offering comfort and beauty.

  • It is highly durable and can withstand extreme climates all year round providing full protection and privacy.

  • Our extensive and superior range of hardwood timber cladding material options and profiles suit all design types, styles and projects.

Exterior timber cladding can be seen in many homes especially used for:

  • Decking

  • Alfresco areas.

  • Fencing

  • Pergolas

  • Rails and Balustrades

  • Retaining Walls

  • Shingles and shakes

  • Stairs exterior

  • Windows

timber lining- internal beauty

When we talk about lining, we usually mean ceiling lining (e.g. eaves or patio). Since weather does not need to be kept out, more simple board profile wood panels can be used for ceilings. Linings offer a beautifully finished look, bringing a touch of nature into the interior design of the space.  

Boards are available in many timber species suiting all interior requirements including insulation, high walls, flooring or other technical needs.

Austim timber cladding & lining range

There are many great timber materials available for your timber cladding and lining project. 

  • Our most popular Vulcan

  • Australian IronAsh

  • Traditional spotted gum (new or recycled wood)

  • Tried and tested Western Red Cedar woods


Perth goes to Austim for the best advice 

Apart from our impeccable services to our clients we impart our extensive knowledge and experience we have in the industry too. Without first understanding, the various species of timber, their suitability, and considerations in regards to installation and maintenance, your timber cladding or lining project may not live up to your expectations.


Ticking all the boxes

At Austim, we know the key to outstanding timber cladding is making sure you choose the right timber and finishing for your unique project. Want to know how to choose the right wall cladding material? Learn More
Here are a few things to consider:

Timber durability
Choose H3 treated timber or Class 1 or 2 Natural Durability rated timber
Timber stability
When exposed to the elements, timber will expand and contract. Allow for this by selecting the correct profile and fixing method
Surface checking
Surface checking happens when timber takes up and releases moisture. You should be aware that the extent to which this will occur depends on your timber choice and the level of exposure to the elements
You can slow the rate of moisture uptake and release by applying a protective coating (products that penetrate or provide a film / coating) to your timber.

timber cladding installation 

To guarantee the correct installation of your product, consult a professional contractor who can easily install the materials to achieve the desired results.


Austim sources the best cladding timber supplies Perth wide and has all the answers, from maintenance tips to the right finish. Contact Austim and ask about timber cladding and lining boards today!