Marine Timber

Perth buyers trust Austim’s unrivalled knowledge to recommend the very best marine timber. That’s why we strongly back our genuine teak.

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Teak is considered the very best marine timber and is also an excellent choice for custom joinery or a high grade outdoor deck.

  • Rot resistance

  • Resistant to insect invasion

  • Handles moisture variations with minimal movement

  • Extremely durable

  • Highly stable

  • Does not need to be treated

  • Provides a non-slip surface

  • Holds beauty

  • Cooler to walk on

The experts in genuine teak

‘Genuine’ Teak only comes from trees with the scientific name Tectona grandis.

As WA’s only importer of Burmese Teak, Austim has been the go-to supplier for many of the large super yacht builders in WA. We supplied the decking for Greg Norman's vessel and the re-fit of the Leeuwin Sailing Ship deck to name a few

Teak is also idea for joinery applications with many up market homes in WA fitted with joinery built using Austim Teak. Most recently the Australian Institute of Architects Residential - New Home award designed by Suzie Hunt, built by Gransden with joinery manufactured by Abbott'solutely Timber.

Austim teak sizes

We carry FEQ (First European Quality) teak for the joinery and marine market in the following thicknesses:

  • 25mm

  • 38mm

  • 50mm

Other sizes can be sourced to order (allow significant lead times as it is a specialist product).



2001 - Superyacht “Aussie Rules” built for Greg Norman's by Oceanfast in WA

          Quartersawn Teak Decking 50x20mm, in excess of 11,000 lineal metres supplied.


2003 – Superyacht “White Rabbit” built by Northwest Bay Ships in NZ,

             Quartersawn Teak Decking 65x12mm, in excess of 14,000 lineal metres supplied.


2011 – The Leeuwin Sailing Ship refit in WA.

            Semi Quartersawn Teak Decking 70x24mm, in excess of 3,500 lineal metres supplied.


2016 - The Duyfken, replacing existing deck of Maritime Pine.

            Quartersawn Douglas Fir ex 200x50mm  (currently underway)



Teak when freshly cut or exposed can display significant colour variation, this is not unusual and is due to mineral and water stains and differences in environmental growing conditions. Whilst this colour variation can appear unsightly it is common with Teak and relatively easily remedied.

Teak has a remarkable reaction to UV light, within hours colours start to blend to an even light golden brown, this process is known as oxidisation. To speed up this process many manufacturers subject their finished products or boards to what they call a "Water Bath" or "Sun Bath".

Items are laid out in the sun to catch the UV and are washed down with water, this combination speeds up the oxidisation process and results in a more evenly coloured product. See below example.

Teak Freshly Machined

Teak Freshly Machined

24 Hrs Sun & Water Bath

24 Hrs Sun & Water Bath

48 Hrs Sun & Water Bath

48 Hrs Sun & Water Bath

Austim has the highest quality marine timber supplies. Perth knows no matter what marine timber you want or what you need it for, Austim has all the answers. Ask Austim today!