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At Austim, we proudly distribute merbau timber Magna Glulam timber decking, timber glulam posts and timber glulam beams in Western Australia. Magna Merbau Overview Brochure. Now FSC Certified!!


Produced by a licensed manufacturer in accordance with Australian Standards AS1328 which requires manufacturers to maintain third party audited quality assurance, the Magna merbau plants has systems monitored by the Glue Laminated Timber Association of Australia. This involves periodic factory visits and regular structural testing in-house and also by the GLTAA. They are also covered by a 15 year manufacturers warranty.


Magna Glulam is perfect in all weather conditions, proven to survive in shaded or exposed areas. Exposure that are even classed as Service Class 3. This is because merbau magna glulam is manufactured from a highly durable timber using an exceptionally strong bond adhesive Resorcinol. Merbau timber products are also resistant to termite attack.

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Service Class 1: Environmental conditions not to rise above an EMC of 12% in service
Service Class 2: Environmental conditions with EMC rising up to 20% in service
Service Class 3: EMC will surpass 20% in fully exposed structures bridges, pergolas


The high strength of Magna Glulam has been established by initial qualification testing and is checked by daily production testing at the plant. All timber beam sizes were determined to be GL17 and the timber posts are classified as either GL17 or GL13 depending on section size.

View the GLTAA strength-rating table


Merbau timber has low shrinkage rates (2.5% tangential & 1.5% radial), which means that Magna Glulam stays as intended in exposed conditions. It also means that Magna Glulam is much less susceptible to cracking and splintering.


According to the department of agriculture and fisheries on Kwila, merbau is rated class 1 in timber durability and has a life expectancy of over 40 years for above ground use.
Merbau timber is also considered bushfire resistant (per AS3959-2009), allowing builders to choose merbau for construction in bushfire – prone areas.


Only legal and sustainable timber is used to make Magna Glulam. The forest concession that Magna Merbau is sourced from was one of the first in Indonesia to achieve full FSC Forest Management Certification (CU-FM/COC-857943) and the manufacturing facility holds FSC Chain of Custody Certification (CU-COC-857403) finally to ensure our customers receive a responsibly grown and harvested product Austim also hold Chain of Custody Certification (SCS-COC-005010). All certificate holders are audited by third party organisations annually to ensure full compliance.


One thing to be aware of with merbau timber is that it is prone to tannin-bleed when in contact with water and should be kept dry at all times prior to coating with a deck oil or paint. Once coated, bleeding is significantly reduced. However, care should still be taken when installing merbau timber above or near lighter coloured paving or walls.

span tables

Australian based business the HR Design Group have created the below Span Tables for Magna Glulam products based on the relevant Australian Standards.

Magna Product Information and Complete Span Tables (file approx 5 MB)

Individual Span Tables below

Verandah Beams - Sheet/Tile N3

Verandah Beams - Sheet/Tile C2

Verandah Beams - Light Sheet Roof N2

Verandah Beams - Light Sheet Roof C2

Verandah Posts - Sheet N3/C2

Verandah Posts - Tile N3/C2

Deck Bearers

Deck Joists

Floor Bearers

Floor Joists

Rafters - Sheet/Tile N3

Rafters - Sheet/Tile C2

Rafters - Light Sheet Roof N2/C2

Roof Beams - Sheet N3

Roof Beams - Tile N3

Lintels - Sheet/Tile N3

Lower Lintels - Sheet N3

Lower Lintels - Tile N3

Upper Lintels - Sheet/Tile N3



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