Modwood Decking

The stylish and versatile alternative

ModWood composite decking is available in a range of sizes, colours and two different finishes, allowing your residential or commercial project to be both stylish and practical. It is a versatile, simple to install, and will not splinter. Perfectly safe for children and looks great be it around a pool, under a patio or a large outdoor living area.

ModWood is durable and resistance to the harsh Australian weather, creating a great deck that is low in maintenance compared to conventional timber and could save you both time and money over your decks life.

ModWood colours and finishes

The four colours shown below are indicative representations only and may vary slightly from batch to batch. However, with some weathering and time boards will blend to within an acceptable range. The two faces are slightly different in colour and texture, either side can be used.

decking samples

ModWood Flame Shield®

Flame Shield is a specially formulated ModWood board (137x23mm only) with a fire retardant additive included in the mix during production. This allows composite decking to be used in BAL-12.5, BAL-19, BAL-29 and BAL-40 areas subject to correct design parameters.

ModWood Sustainability and the environment

ModWood is leading the way with its environmentally responsible, low-maintenance range of composite decking boards, which are made from green materials such as recycled milk containers and plantation timber.

ModWood is doing its part to help to conserve the Australian environment. Around 90% of the material content of decking boards is either recycled or reclaimed. There is approximately 2 kilograms of pine sawdust and 37 recycled milk bottles in every lineal meter of Modwood decking.

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