Top Home Design Trends of 2017

Top Home Design Trends of 2017

The year 2017 will see a movement from chrome metals and technology inside of our homes towards natural materials, textures, and colours to counteract the amount of time people are spending on computers, phones and other technology.

Top design trends for 2017 include;

  • Timber cladding – using natural timbers to turn ordinary homes into an exciting piece of design.

  • Rustic style - using industrial materials to achieve a weathered feel.

  • Going Green – one of the main benefits of wood based designs.

“Timber is certainly the hero of this natural movement,” Darren James, Brisbane-based designer explains, “to give your organic-inspired scheme an earthier and more authentic feel introduce timber in its rawest form to your space.”


Timber cladding

timber cladding

Bring a feeling of warmth, texture and nature to your home design by cladding the exterior with  timber.

Cladding provides endless ways to develop and differentiate the house; the colours and textures call back to nature, provide a warm, cosy space and protect the structure, as demonstrated by many of the 2016 Australian Timber Design Award winners.


Industrial materials

industrial design

Rustic interior designs have come back in a big way, with it comes materials such as  timber, concrete and exposed brick. 

Look for inspiration from past eras with styles such as a brick look woven amongst timber and brick tiles.

Concrete will be used heavily due to its ease and ability to achieve an industrial look easily; it has become one of the favourite “raw” materials of designers in past years to incorporate a rustic look, especially when combined with a textured wood finish.

Recycled timber has been used to great effect by itself or in combination with other materials to create a rustic look and enhance homes.

It has previously been used structurally, but now is seen being used for cladding and interior features in unconventional ways to bring the imperfection of nature back.

timber staircase

“This trend is a direct reflection of a society that wants to take a step back and slow things down,” notes Darren James “The more high-tech we become, the more we want to surround ourselves with textures and objects that connect us with nature. And in times of uncertainty and mistrust, we are seeking things that are authentic and real.”


Feature windows

Windows are a great way to extend the space of your home and bring nature in from outside.

Whether the timber is stained or painted to suit your decor and style, timber windows and doors will match or complement the most recent architectural styles.


Unique benchtops

timber benchtops

One of the biggest trends this year has been using texture and patterns to bring warmth and individuality to interior spaces, especially the kitchen.

Materials such as  timber and stone are great ways to achieve the warmth and bring across a lot of subtle textures and colours that compliment each other.

Select a benchtop with a natural grain or pattern to achieve this timeless look of an earthy welcoming home, and bring things back to nature.


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