Simple Guide to DIY Spring Deck Maintenance

Now that winter has finally finished it’s time to give some attention to your deck’s maintenance needs.  Here are some guidelines to help you ready your deck for the warmer weather.


1.    Check your deck

Even if your cold season has been rain-free, your deck will still likely discolour as the months fly past. To keep it in tip top shape, regular maintenance is key.

Take a good look at your deck and pay close attention to any damage that may have occurred over winter.  A proper inspection will require a clean deck surface; start by sweeping up any leaves and dirt that have collected and become trapped between your deck’sboards

Timber decks easily attract surface mould and mildew, which is made worse if the wood doesn’t get a fair chance to dry fully. To keep your timber deck looking great, you’ll need to look after it, especially after a long, wet winter.

backyard deck in the afernoon

2.    Spring clean and inspect

It may be necessary to give your deck a good wash with your garden hose.  Gently pressurize the water using a finger or an adjustable spray-nozzle fitted to the end of your garden hose, securing a solid surge of water for a ‘pressure wash’ effect, and spray your deck pushing the flow of dirt in a single direction off the edge of your deck.

Once your deck has been washed and has had a chance to dry, make sure you check the entire deck structure.  It’s important that you take a good look under the deck to ensure the supporting structure is also free of any rot or soft spots.   Because timber can tend to swell as it dampens, this can also result in nails, screws and bolts popping out and coming loose from fixtures.

deck in summer

3.    Don’t let deck repair get you in a fix

If you’ve noticed deteriorating boards or structure pieces which need replacement, or if it’s looking like your deck needs significant attention with a part or full reconstruction, then you might want to hire a deck builder. 

Much of the time a deck is inherited with a new home purchase and, as the new owner, you may not have the expertise - or even the interest - in doing more than basic seasonal deck maintenance yourself.  If you relate, then outsourcing the job may well be the most efficient and stress saving decision you can make.


4.    Custom decks may need custom care

Of course, there are other things to consider too – like building codes and standards. 

Even if you’re a confident handyman make sure you pay close attention to essential standards and recommended deck construction parameters.  You want to make sure you get a quality end result. 

What’s more, if you have a deck fashioned with different levels, or if the edges are curved rather thanstraight, if you have stairs or similar complexities you may need to consider deck restoration with a custom deck supplier and builder.

Be sure to check with a local deck specialist as well as your local shire or council for codes relating to balconies, decks and residential design. Make sure that any significant reconstruction changes you decide to make will be congruent with applicable regulation codes.

deck by pool with landscaping

5.    Colour to style your fresh deck

Follow these ideas to start your sunny season off with a bang.

There’s nothing like a splash of colour to breathe new life into your outdoor space.  Start by decorating your deck to give it a fresh look for summer.

Pots in bright colours will look fantastic dotted about your deck.  For a change of taste, fill these up with dwarf fruit trees.  These come in various varieties of apple, apricot, blueberry, cherry, lemon or lime.  Check what grows well in your climate!

Choose a themecolour and collect pieces to match.  Second-hand tables, bamboo lounges, and stools can be painted to suit.  Cushions, garden gnome characters, watering cans – pieces in well placed combination can make your deck space pop.

Patterned and durable indoor-outdoor rugs can add movement and extra comfort to your outdoor entertaining space.  You can really create a custom feel depending on the style of rug you go for, keeping it monotone, or by slightly mixing it up.  Rugs help add a visually pleasing and comfortable vibe.

Deck it out to eat outdoors – outdoor dining on your deck gives an ambience that’s hard to match.  Set up your barbeque area with ample cosy dining furniture and drape surrounding trees and shrubs with strings of outdoor fairy lights for a magical night-time effect.


What’s next?

There you have it; dust off your deck, fix what you must, do it up by adding some fresh colour and get your deck ready for spring in a snap.

If anything is holding you back from doing your annual deck maintenance or if you have specific questions on how to maintain your deck, be sure to and get in touch with Perth’s decking specialists at Austim, we are here to help.

Mike Rowney