5 Reasons Why Architects Use Timber


Wood is one of the most diverse materials humans have ever used in construction and there are over 118 different workable types to choose from meaning whatever the need, there's a timber to match. The allurement of wood is that it affects all of our senses, the texture and colours give it a depth and life that other man-made materials can only try to recreate.

There are many ways to use wood in the building or embellishment of a structure; timber will blend effortlessly into almost any natural landscape, mature with time if untreated, or can be stained, oiled or painted for striking effects.

The Australian Timber Design awards celebrate and showcase superlative timber design in a variety of applications across a broad range of entry categories demonstrating the diversity and beauty of timber in construction.

Whether it be Fiji Mahogany decking for a touch of class or IronAsh cladding to protect and feature on your house, using Austim’s extensive experience (30+ years), we will be able to provide solutions that will help ensure your project meets your expectations.

Source:  Austim

Source: Austim

 Creative capability

Timber is a natural and versatile material with one of the widest variety of applications of any material used in construction. The possibilities for its use structurally, decoratively both inside and outside are seemingly endless whether it is timber decking or composite decking, wall cladding, ceiling lining, furniture & joinery timber or structural beams & posts. Timber can be used to transform or connect living spaces to nature to discover a sensory, natural feeling that’s hard to beat.

The building industry is progressively recognising the potential results that come from an environmentally friendly product with diverse design applications. Advances in technology allow for the implementation of accurate and fast construction, such as the Trex Universal Hidden Fastener which was designed specifically to meet decking contractor demand for increased ease and speed of installation.

Timber is the project manager's material of choice as it eliminates the need for heavy lifting and large cranes on site making workplaces safer, in addition the product can be shaped and machined on-site yielding serious benefits for turnaround times. Architangent advises that insulated concrete form homes can be costly and time consuming to alter post-build.

Austim’s expertise and knowledge makes your job easier, so you will have a quality product and service to get the job done right the first time.

Source:  Timber Awards

Durability & Versatility

Timber is such a versatile material it is capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions and continuing to perform. While there are many types of timber that soak in water causing them to swell, there are some varieties that are highly resistant, especially when treated like Austim’s marine timber which is rot and insect resistant, handles moisture variations with minimal movement, does not need to be treated and remains highly durable.

The natural properties of timber also make it an effective acoustic buffer, with its ability to reduce and control the reverberation of sound, which is why many public buildings clad their walls and ceilings with acoustic timber panels. The Timber Research Unit identified that timber has historically been used for acoustic applications such as the Sydney Opera House because a timber surface does not just reflect sound, but resonates slightly, giving it a particular quality.

Although timber is a combustible material, when combined with good design in construction, it has impressive insulating abilities. Specie’s such as Spotted Gum  are classified under Australian Standards as Bushfire Resisting Timbers which allow them to be used in more fire prone areas. Timber is a winner in durability, diversity and safety. Plus, with our detailed quality checks, you can rest knowing your timber is of exceptional quality.

Source:  Austim

Source: Austim


Making your product choice timber is a great way of helping to tackle climate change and becoming more economically friendly. Naturally Better has observed that Australia's native forests, timber plantations, and wood products are all net absorbers of greenhouse gases. In 2005, they sequestered (or stored) 56.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, reducing Australia's overall greenhouse gas emissions by almost 10%.

The use of recycled timber offers obvious benefits and the construction community is beginning to encourage and reward its use. The 2012 Australian Timber Design Awards winner - Candlebark School Library - featured a lot of recycled wood. In reference to the lifecycle of a material which measures the energy inputs during manufacture and disposal, timber performs spectacularly as an alternative to cement and aluminium, typically requiring far less energy according to a study conducted by the Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Corporation.

When considering thermal performance, naturally insulating materials such as timber create a natural barrier to heat and cold; a design focused on this can minimise energy use. Austim is proud to represent and distribute for Kennedy's Timbers who are Australia's largest producer of premium recycled eco sustainable timbers. Through this relationship we can provide product with FSC Recycled chain of custody certification.

Source:  Timber Awards


Despite impressions long held by design professionals, a study by J.O’Connor indicates that wood structural systems are fully capable of meeting building longevity expectations. In addition, wood might well be a preferred material in a design scenario that recognizes actual service lives are short than material lives – in the worst case, designing for longevity can lead to design choices that are well-intentioned but, in fact, yield poor environmental results.

For example, a building component with low embodied environmental effects, such as wood cladding, can be replaced many times before totaling the high embodied effects of a material such as brick or aluminium. Therefore, not only does timber become a viable material for buildings designed for longevity but also for versatility due to the nature of the material and how it isused in construction.

Austim’s fully equipped warehouse includes Trex products which are derived from a patented process that produces the highest quality materials and consistency that requires minimal maintenance. All products have a limited residential warranty of 25 years and a commercial warranty of 10 years.

Source:  Austim

Source: Austim



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