4 Ways to Improve Your Home Exterior

Whether you are planning to sell or your home’s exterior just needs a facelift, the way you revamp could make an enormous difference! These tips will have your exterior looking a million dollars.

Grimwood decking

 Install decking

Adding a deck, or revamping your current decking creates the ultimate outdoor living space to entertain and enjoy, it is one of the most effective ways to improve your exterior. Install timber or composite decking, and you can’t go wrong.

Adding a deck increases the value of your home as outdoor living spaces continue to become more desirable in the Australian culture and lifestyle. HGTV claims that homeowners recoup 65%-90% of their investment by adding a deck.

Once the decking is in place, you will be able to add additional features such as a barbeque or outdoor kitchen area which will bring your exterior to life, allowing you to entertain on your brand new deck!

When homeowners were asked about decks, the top reasons for doing a decking project was to add features/improve livability and to upgrade worn-out surfaces/materials. The range of textures, colours, and finishes available means that the aesthetic outcome can vary widely. Austim can assist you in selecting the perfect decking for your home.



Giving your exterior a fresh coat of paint can have it looking as good as new. Zillow’s 2017 Paint Colour Analysis looked at pictures of over 32,000 homes to see how paint colours impacted their sale price compared to white walls. For the house exterior, the best colour was a mix of grey and beige, and the worst was a medium brown, taupe, or stucco.

Painting is regularly cited as one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to make substantial changes to the aesthetics of a house and get the most money for your home.


Add external cladding

Your home’s exterior walls create the initial visual impact of your home but are among the first elements wear down from pests, environmental factors, and regular yearly wear.

Cladding has a number of benefits for sprucing your home up and is a speedy and economical way to improve the appearance and stability of your home for years to come.

The primary role of cladding is to control the infiltration of weather elements while providing a durable, aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Cladding is typically made from timber or an increasing range of composite materials and can be attached directly to a frame or a layer of battens on the exterior of your home. Timber cladding is quite environmentally friendly when taken from sustainable sources and requires fewer fossil fuels to manufacture than other types of cladding.

Revamp your landscaping

An effective way to add value to your yard is through an aesthetically pleasing garden bed and shrubs. Having a visually appealing garden doesn’t have to mean hard work for you either; you can adopt a low maintenance garden that still gives off a dramatic effect.

Select plants that are low maintenance, visually appealing all year round, mix in coloured plants with greens and incorporate pebbles. Incorporating pebbles through garden beds, pathways and driveways is inexpensive and is much more visually appealing than mulch or bark.

Finally, add in some features that will create a more enjoyable outdoor living space, such as

·         Outdoor kitchen area

·         Firepit

·         Barbeque

·         Play area for the kids

·         Veggie Garden

timber cladding exterior.jpg

These four hot tips will have your exterior looking unbelievable for the Australian Summer.

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Mike Rowney