Wembley Golf Course - town of cambridge, wa

This project is in the heart of the town of Cambridge nestled on the top of the hill overlooking the native bushland fringed golf course.

The existing facility was in need of an extension and facelift with this in mind, Gresley Abas Architects were engaged after proposing a simple, elegant timber clad architectural form that did not compete with existing structures. Sleek lines of Walnut coated GOODWOOD Victorian Ash timber welcomes patrons as they enter the space. Continuing the flow of hardwood, the restaurant is dressed with panels from the roof down to the walls, perfectly harmonising with the teal accents throughout the space. IronAsh GOODWOOD was a perfect choice offering uniformity, durability and supply reliability to meet the desired timeframes.

Austim are proud to have been associated with such a successful project and congratulate Gresley Abas and Firm Construction for putting this together.


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Ronald mcdonald house - monash avenue nedlands, wa

This project had more meaning than just being another building, it was going to be the home for many families of very sick children from all over W.A.

With this in mind, Gerry Kho Architects engaged Austim to carefully consider the choice of timber, provide important guidance on accurate detailing and coatings to enhance the warmth of the building. Considering these factors and with guaranteed environment credentials, Western Red Cedar was the timber of choice. Ongoing close communication with the builder Doric Contractors, ensured these details were communicated accurately which provided a smooth transition to the handover of the building.

The final outcome speaks for itself, with all parties including the architect, builder, sponsors, The Ronald McDonald House Board of Directors and the State Government stating the project was a great success.


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elizabeth quay/barrack square - arbour cladding 

This Iconic Perth landmark required special consideration when it came time to selecting the timbers required to meet the exacting standards demanded of a project of this calibre.

Through a collaborative consulting process between Leighton Contractors and Austim, a blend of Recycled Spotted Gum and Ironbark timbers were selected to maximise the performance requirements as well as satisfying the aesthetic values the Architects were seeking.

The use of recycled timber also allowed for the demanding environmental credentials required for this project to be met. The open deck area is delineated by stylised tree lined boulevards on each side creating a relaxing and inviting area.

The results achieved are an outstanding example of combining modern technology with the beauty of natural timber in order to create harmony and serenity in a public open space.


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elizabeth Quay - children's playground

As with all children’s playgrounds, safety is paramount. This critical determining factor was the starting point for discussions between the builder Leighton, the contractor MG Group and Austim, in determining the most suitable timber to be utilised for this project.

With its guaranteed environmental credentials, recycled Spotted Gum was suggested by Austim and duly selected as the timber of choice. When coupled with unmatched strength, durability and its natural beauty, this specie performs exceptionally well in exterior applications.

The playground, now complete, at one of Perth’s most notable locations, can be enjoyed by Perth's children for many years to come.


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dalkeith residence

The Dalkeith residence located in W.A. was beautifully designed and constructed to maximise the outstanding views whilst taking into consideration the functionality and warmth needed for a family home.

Space Agency Architects alongside the owner/builder engaged Austim to carefully select the most appropriate timbers for the various applications required taking into consideration the location of the project.

Through this selection process, western red cedar was chosen for the cladding and lining applications to compliment the spotted gum flooring,internal stair treads and external decking providing a homogenous link from inside to out.

The end result was a project that not only met the design brief but exceeded the clients expectations.



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CottEsloe SCOUT & COMMUNITY Centre

The Cottesloe Scout & Community Centre is a multi purpose facility. Built by BGC Construction, 130x19 Select Grade Eastern States Blackbutt from Austim was installed by Chelsea Flooring.


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ceiling fins using goodwood victorian ash

The Public House kitchen & bar is a new and exciting restaurant and bar located on Adelaide Terrace in the heart of Perth.

Architectural Design firm Habitat 1, engaged Austim to give them direction on the type of timber specie most suitable to achieve the desired look in-line with the clients brief.

After careful consideration and much collaboration, Goodwood Victorian Ash was chosen because of its appearance, ability to take light stains, it's availability in long lengths and it's sustainability.

Choosing the right timber was imperative which resulted in the key stakeholders from the interior design team to the sub-contractors and the clients being extremely happy with the end result.


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This magnificent american timber has been used to great effect by perth architect Tim Wright in a modern residence in Applecross. The skilled craftsmen at the Furniture Design Studio brought this timber to life manufacturing and polishing the wall cladding from raw timber specified and supplied by Austim. The end result is spectacular giving the house a warm natural feel.


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Stirling Street Perth, Austim supplied recycled ironbark 265x65mm timber beams for the external fins. This was pre-finished in the factory with Sikkens, while Titan Carpentry carried out the installation.  Dec 2013.

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